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On the evening of Friday, August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall at Rockport with sustained winds of 132 mph and gusts nearing 150 mph. The Rockport Church of Christ building is less than three blocks from the  shoreline and was severely damaged,  as were 80% of the structures in our community. The Church members went into action contacting the insurance company and getting ready to help those hurt the most by Hurricane Harvey. Because of our quick action the insurance monies started to come in and we hired Nelson Alvarado as our General Contractor. Not having a place to worship was an issue but a member knew the great folks at Drifters RV Resort who have provided us a place to worship for the last 6 months. Thanks Earl, Julie and Sue for allowing us in. Then the amazing folks with Church of Christ Disaster Relief arrived with their 18 wheelers full of relief supplies. Two of these organizations from different areas of the country came and provided supplies and disaster work related assistance. A small team of Church members set up a distribution center, the first in Rockport, and began giving out all kinds of supplies. Our friends at the Stockdale Church and others helped us save what we could from the building and move it to safe locations.


Then we were deeply moved by the generous donations that started coming in from Church of Christ congregations from across the country to help us help others and to rebuild the building we worship God in! We thank all of you for your love that poured into the Church here in Rockport! Rebuilding is not easy and it has not been here either, but perseverance is important and has paid off because some time around April we should be back in the building singing praises to our GOD and SAVIOR! 


God bless each of you who donated, worked relief, and gave encouragement. We will never forget the Love that came our way following an event named HARVEY.

We are pleased to announce we held our first worship service in the repaired building on Sunday, April 29, 2018. There truly is no place like home!


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